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Face Time

Since it's never to early to start campaigning for the 2008 presidential race (only a few years until Iowa, people!) the folks at the Hotline (sorry, subscription required) have been tracking the air time that all the potential contenders for the White House have been sucking up on national television (cable and the networks) since September.

So far, John McCain is leading the pack, with Newt Gingrich in second place (Hotline notes he and Wes Clark are Fox News contributors) and Joe "I sleep right outside of the Sunday talk shows' studios" Biden in third. We've only included the totals here, the full monthly results and raw data are available at The Hotline. "Take a look at the Thanksgiving week numbers," Hotline suggests. "It may have been a holiday for most of the country, but there were plenty of TV appearances by those who wish to be president."

Totals, Sept. 6 - Nov. 30
McCain 5:10:26
Gingrich 3:24:30
Biden 2:45:14
Frist 1:47:41
Richardson 1:46:15
Allen 1:30:27
Brownback 1:23:05
Rice 49:57
Clark 41:48
Edwards 41:16
Warner 40:34
Romney 33:03
Huckabee 31:27
Barbour 29:52
Hagel 25:57
Kerry 23:22
Feingold 21:30
Clinton 20:07
Daschle 18:30
Tancredo 15:37
Pataki 15:26
Sanford 4:29
Vilsack 3:55
Giuliani 3:29