"Face the Nation" transcripts, July 15, 2012: Cutter, Madden, Rep. Ryan

BOB SCHIEFFER:--and talk about it some more. But, Kevin, what-- what's your reaction to seeing that ad?

KEVIN MADDEN (Romney Campaign Senior Advisor): Well, look, I-- I find it very troubling for a number of reasons. I think it is troubling that they would mock somebody who is singing "God Bless America." I think what's more troubling is what's missing from the President's message. This is an ad that's talking about Governor Romney where we have a-- we had a jobs report come out recently. We have 8.2 percent unemployment. We have anemic job growth in this country. We have twenty-three million Americans struggling to find work. We have record deficits. We have people, you know, people that are trying to find a job, they can't find one. People that have a job are really worried about losing it. And the President does not have an answer to that for the American people. He is not talking about his record because he doesn't have one to run on. I think that's what's really troubling. Because right now that, you know-- you know, I think in many ways you're going to see a mirror discussion of what the American people are looking for right now. You have one candidate who is talking about the economy, what he wants to do to move the country forward, what he wants to do to create greater prosperity for more Americans, how we're going to get this country back on-- on track and create jobs and that candidate is Governor Romney. And then you have President Obama, who at this time of very tough economic struggles, is telling the American public that the one thing that they need to be worried about, the two things that they need to be worried about, the three things that they need to be worried about--


KEVIN MADDEN: --or what's in Governor Romney's financial disclosures. And I think that's a very troubling place for the country to be when we have our President right now who's not willing to talk about what he's going to do to fix the economy--


KEVIN MADDEN: --and is only-- only interested in-- in attacking Governor Romney.

BOB SCHIEFFER: Well-- well, Stephanie, you were the one that put the point on it.


BOB SCHIEFFER: You said that the-- that Mitt Romney either misled the Securities and Exchange Commission when he filled out forms about what his status was with Bain Capital or he misled the American people and you said if he misled the Securities and Exchange Commission, he was guilty of a felony. Now, that is--

STEPHANIE CUTTER: No. I said which would be a felony.

BOB SCHIEFFER: Would be a felony.

STEPHANIE CUTTER: But, Bob, let me make two points. First--


STEPHANIE CUTTER:--to address what-- what Kevin said about the--the differences in-- in this race. I think it's wholly un-accurate what he said. Anybody who was out there or listening to the President, out there on the trail--and I encourage everybody to do that--to listen to what he's saying on the stump. He's putting forward a defense of his record because we are proud of what we've been able to do to right the ship of this economy. We've got-- still have more work to do but we've made progress. And number two, where he wants to take the country. That's wholly different than what Mitt Romney is saying on the stump. It's a purely negative stump speech that Mitt Romney is-- is saying. Now, let's remember, part of his stump speech is to talk about how the President doesn't understand freedom, doesn't feel the passion of freedom and doesn't understand America. What-- what about that gives you any sense of where Mitt-- Mitt Romney's going to take this country?

BOB SCHIEFFER: Well, and let me--let me just go back to Kevin because that brings us to this: either he did put down on the SEC documents that he was the CEO and sole owner of-- of these companies, the Bain Capital, or he wasn't because when he filled out his financial disclosure form when he got ready to run for office he said he had left Bain Capital in 1999. And, of course, the reason is this is important is is that after 1999 some of those companies that Bain owned went into bankruptcy. There were some jobs that were outsourced and he's saying I didn't have anything to do with this. Either he was the CEO or he wasn't. Why would he have signed his name to those documents?

KEVIN MADDEN: Well, look, first I think it is very troubling that the President would direct his campaign to label someone like Governor Romney who is a very good and honorable man as a fellow. I think that is very troubling--

BOB SCHIEFFER (overlapping): Yeah, but let's talk about--