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Fabio and Isaiah Mustafa go "mano a mano"

(CBS) - The "internets duel" between two beefy men fighting for the ultimate Old Spice guy title is heating up.

On Monday, Fabio challenged former Old Spice guy Isaiah Mustafa to an online battle through YouTube ads, appropriately called "Mano a Mano in el Bano."

Mustafa, who starred in the brand's successful "Smell Like a Man, Man," campaign, graciously accepted the challenge and set the rules: Post videos and whoever accumulates the most 'likes,' tweets, and votes on YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, and all other things "smart internet people do" wins.

"Hello Old Spice Guy, who is gross, I accept your rules for the challenge duel and I wish you all the luck today even though you will lose for sure and embarrass your family, horse, and luxury belonging" Fabio said in a video response. "To old Old Spice Guy, welcome to your nightmare starring Fabio."

So far, there are over 30 videos posted on the official Old Spice YouTube page, including one with Mustafa wearing a blonde wig and Fabio explaining his workout regime.

Tell us: Are you team Fabio or Mustafa? 

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