Eye-Opening women: Arianna Huffington, Tina Brown, and Bobbi Brown


(CBS News) Media moguls Arianna Huffington and Tina Brown -- editors-in-chief of The Huffington Post and The Daily Beast, respectively -- and makeup maven Bobbi Browne joined "CBS This Morning" on Tuesday as part of "Eye-Opening Women," a Women's History Month series.

They discussed the lack of women in leadership roles, the role of women in potentially limiting their own success, as well as their fellow female leaders making headlines, like tech CEOs Sheryl Sandberg and Marissa Mayer.

Touching on the lack of women in leadership roles within certain industries, Tina Brown allowed that progress has been "somewhat stalled."

"As I see it, women keep feeling impeded by existing structures," she said, as she encouraged women to be more entrepreneurial and create "their own ethos" in the workplace.

"Don't wait for the structures to embrace you but go out and start your own thing, where you create your own culture," the magazine editor said.

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"I think it's imperative for women to do success differently," Huffington said, echoing Brown and citing statistics that indicate there is 40 percent higher rate of heart disease and a 60 percent higher rate of diabetes among career women.

"We women are holding ourselves backs, Huffington continued. "I've called it ... the obnoxious roommate living in our heads who constantly criticizes us, who tells us we are not good enough, pretty enough, smart enough. Those voices are much louder in women's heads than in men's heads."

Addressing the issue of working mothers, Bobbi Brown said, "It's important to work for a company that really supports a working woman or a working mom."

Bobbi Brown said that when it comes to women being supportive of one another, the status quo is "not enough."

"Often you have to realize, when a woman is being mean to another woman, it's because she's insecure," she added.

For more from Brown, Huffington, and Brown on "CBS This Morning," watch the interview above.