Extreme stunts with unicycling and trick shots

(CBS News)  While the double shot of "Harlem Shake" a moment ago hopefully helped to wake you up, now it's time to get you energized. So let's vicariously engage in some adrenaline-pumping, extreme activities starting with a man and his unicycle in the above. I know what you're thinking, but don't let the whole unicycle thing fool you. This is seriously as extreme as it gets. Promise.

The series of insane, jaw-dropping unicycle stunts were "filmed in Germany, Israel and Morrocco" back in 2011, and posted and performed by Lutz Eichholz who notes:

The last jump in the video is the highest unicycle drop ever [landed] (5-6m).

We at The Feed cannot applaud hard enough for your exhibition of amazing talent, Lutz

And where we started with extreme stunts, we shift now to some extreme tricks. Specifically, a series of trick shots posted and performed by the Soccer Art Team out of Poland. Click play on the video below and get ready to watch some fancy footwork and fun on display.