"Harlem Shake" to help wake you up (with pyramids and gymnastics)

(CBS News) It's the Monday morning after a late night of Oscars, and many of you are probably a bit bleary-eyed right now. And while coffee or tea may help out a bit, in my personal opinion, there's nothing quite like a double shot of "Harlem Shake" to really get you going. We kick things off with the video above that takes the trend international and may or may not feature pyramids. Spoiler: it totally does feature pyramids! I'd recommend watching in high-definition if possible.

The latest edition to the phenomenon that, like the Energizer bunny "just keeps going," is aptly entitled "Pyramids Harlem Shake" and was posted by YouTube user Haram Shake out of Egypt. Let me say that if, like a ripple effect, this continues to spread, I can't ponder what crazy locations might be next. The Eiffel Tower? Mount Everest? The lost city of Atlantis...?

And because two is always better than one (unless it's a bear chasing after you or something similar), we have another "Harlem Shake" shot for you below from the University of Nebraska Men's Gymnastics team. Can you take a guess on what they might be doing in this (extended) version of the craze? Without knowing what you said (or do I?), I can already predict that you're probably right, but you're still going to love seeing it.