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"Exclusive video" reveals the iPhone 5

(CBS)- Finally after much anticipation video of the new iPhone 5 has finally surfaced online and the much-hyped phone may be even "sweeter" than you expected.

Okay, so maybe that isn't what the actual iPhone 5 will end up being (though it appears to be partially made by Apple).  Kiwi agree it's still a fun video, though?

Created by, it is clear they are going bananas over waiting for the new iPhone, too. Their version seems to have some new features previously unavailable on the current iPhone, like an edible screen and a casing rich in iron. And orange you glad to hear all the fruit used in creating this iPhone was recycled for compost (and that I didn't say banana)?

If you have any other food puns, please leave them in the comments, I go absolutely coconuts over them!

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