Everybody in the World Has a Story: India

Although they are both perfectly healthy, the greatest fear of my parents is that they will someday be a "burden" on their children. I believe they fear this more than death itself.

They would much rather end-up in a nursing home than in one of their son's spare bedrooms. My brothers and I have tried to discourage this thinking, but my mother, especially, has devoted her senior years to making sure her demise goes as smoothly as possible.

Four Generations Under One Roof in India

Indeed, when she does pass, I fully expect to find her clutching her own death certificate -- filled out in triplicate and in a stamped envelope for our convenience.

That's why I can't wait for them to see tonight's "Everybody in the World Has a Story."

Everybody in the World Has a Story

Although the man I profiile was selected randomly from the planet, the message he's about to share with the world seems perfectly tailored for my parents and any other like-minded seniors.

In short, I went to Rewari, India and met the Waltons.

My story is about a family that sees its elders as blessings, not burdens. Indeed, it is about an entire country that sees it's elders as one of it's greatest resources.

Be sure and catch it, especially if you're my parents, tonight on the CBS Evening News with Katie Couric.

  • Steve Hartman

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