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Even more tricks to impress your friends (and possibly win bets)

(CBS News) Two weeks ago we posted a follow-up to a great video from last year that showed a series of ten tricks to impress your friends with (and win some bets, if you were so inclined). And today we have even more tricks with this latest in the video series above. Be sure to take notes.

The great new addition of ten tricks was posted by Richard Wiseman (aka Quirkology),with music by the Electric Unicycle Crew, and I personally love that almost every item in this ongoing series employs a mixture of science and logic to provide you with an arsenal of fun tricks. A big triple-rainbow salute of educational awesomeness goes out to Richard from all of us here at The Feed for this latest work! If you'd like to check out our previous posts you can click here and here or you can go to Richard Wiseman's YouTube page by clicking here.

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