Eric Bana talks surveillance cameras in "Closed Circuit"

Eric Bana is under heavy surveillance in "Closed Circuit."

The Australian actor plays a British barrister in the new legal thriller. Bana's character is tasked with defending a suspect accused of detonating a terrorist bomb, killing hundreds in a packed area of London.

"Iron Man 3" actress Rebecca Hall co-stars as Claudia, a fellow defense attorney also assigned to the terrorist case, who happens to have a past romantic history with Bana's character. Julia Stiles plays a New York Times reporter who comes up with evidence that the British government may have somehow had a hand in the bombing. The characters set out to find the truth about the attack, but they soon wind up under scrutiny themselves from MI-5 agents.

The film takes a somewhat critical look at London's complex CCTV monitoring program. More than 500,000 cameras are in place monitoring the city streets for any suspicious activity. The intricate surveillance system has been around for decades in an effort to prevent terrorist acts by groups like the IRA and al Qaida.

While Bana's character takes issue with constantly being watched, the actor says that closed circuit cameras don't bother him at all in real life.

"I figure I'm one of the good guys, I don't need to worry about it too much," Bana said in a recent interview with "If it's going to stop someone from doing something, I'm happy with it."

Watch the video above to see Bana speak about where he drew inspiration from in preparation for "Closed Circuit," which opens in theaters on Wednesday.

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