"Enthusiasm" Star Makes Directorial Debut

For almost seven seasons actress Cheryl Hines has starred alongside Larry David in HBO's hugely-successful comedy series, "Curb Your Enthusiasm." With her quick wit and strong improvisational skills, Hines has garnered acclaim from both television critics and fans of the loosely-scripted show.

Now, the actress hopes to replicate that success behind the camera, taking up her new position in the director's chair. The actress recently told CBSNews.com about the challenges she faced serving as first-time filmmaker on the dark comedy "Serious Moonlight," which premiered at the 2009 Tribeca Film Festival.

"It was kind of a life changing experience," Hines said of her first time as a feature film director. "I never worked so hard and so intensely on something like that before."

Hines certainly had company while visiting New York for the festival, as her TV co-star Larry David also appeared at Tribeca - in promotion of his starring role in Woody Allen's highly anticipated "Whatever Works."

"It's a crazy coincidence," Hines said of her and David's simultaneous appearance at the festival.

Starring Meg Ryan and Timothy Hutton as a highly dysfunctional married couple, "Serious Moonlight" was penned by Hines' former co-star and friend Adrienne Shelly (2006's "Waitress"), who was murdered three years ago in her Manhattan apartment.

"I think she'd [Shelly] be very grateful to have her film premiering at the Tribeca Film Festival," Hines said of her slain friend. "She was a New Yorker and she loved this city. I think it would mean a lot to her."

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