Entertainment buzz: Facebook's top 10 moments of the week

More "Incredibles" and "Star Wars" are coming your way. This week movie-goers received some good news about sequels, while TV fans started gearing up for the return of "Game of Thrones."

Some TV finales had people talking (namely "Pretty Little Liars"), while it's a new beginning for "Dancing with the Stars."

Facebook has rounded up the top 10 buzziest stories in entertainment this week, and all of those topics made the most-talked-about list. What had you buzzing? What did you miss?

Find out what made the cut exclusively on CBSNews.com:

1. AMC's "The Walking Dead"

Some viewers couldn't believe their eyes while watching Sunday's episode of "The Walking Dead." The controversial episode (we won't spoil it here in case you're behind) had people talking and also wondering what could happen next.

There are only a couple of episodes left of season 4, will you be watching?

2. Disney announces "Incredibles" sequel

A decade after "The Incredibles" landed in theaters, Disney announced that it's returning with a sequel. Pixar is working on a follow-up to the Oscar-winning animated flick about a world in which superheroes exist but have been banned from crime fighting.

Brad Bird, "The Incredibles" director, is writing the sequel. Meanwhile, the 2004 original film will get a reboot; it's getting re-released in 3D.

3. ABC's "Dancing with the Stars"

A new set of celebrity dancing hopefuls hit the ballroom Monday night, kicking off season 18 of ABC's "Dancing with the Stars."

A lot of eyes were on Olympic gold medal-winning ice dancer Charlie White and his pro-partner Sharna Burgess, who impressed the judges with a routine that snagged 27 out of 30 points, giving them the highest score of the night.

But that doesn't mean other stars don't have a shot -- it's still so early. Former "Full House" actress Candace Cameron Bure and her partner, Mark Ballas, are both in it to win it:

4. Police release new Kurt Cobain photos

On Thursday, Seattle police unveiled two previously unseen images from four rolls of undeveloped film that show the scene at Kurt Cobain's suicide. Their release coincides with the 20th anniversary of the Nirvana frontman's April 5, 1994 death.

One image showed a box containing drug paraphernalia, a spoon and what look like needles on the floor next to a cigarette and sunglasses. The other features a cigarette pack and a wallet.

This April 1994 photo shows items found at the scene of Kurt Cobain's suicide in Seattle.
AP/Seattle Police Department

This April 1994 photo shows items found at the scene of Kurt Cobain's suicide, in Seattle.
AP/Seattle Police Department

5. "Pretty Little Liars" season finale on ABC Family

The season 4 finale of "Pretty Little Liars," titled "A is for Answers," aired Tuesday night, tying up loose ends, but also leaving some plot lines up in the air.

"This is the first finale where it felt like people were universally satisfied and that is really just fantastic, which is what we set out to do," executive producer Marlene King told The Hollywood Reporter. "We pushed our fans to the breaking point and they really deserved these answers. It's a great opportunity for us to spin the show in a new direction."

Actress Lucy Hale posted the following photo from the live finale:

6. Poison singer Bret Michaels celebrates a birthday

Poison fans were busy wishing Bret Michaels a happy 51st birthday on March 15. The rocker celebrated with a concert in Effingham, Ill., and also thanked fans for their birthday wishes via Facebook:

7. HBO's "Game of Thrones"

The cast members of HBO's "Game of Thrones" stepped out this week for the season 4 premiere of the hit series and dished on what to expect when the show returns on April 6.

Peter Dinklage told CBS News to expect some "interesting dynamics" with his character, while co-executive producer and series author George R.R. Martin said, "People like to say no one is safe in my books, which is true. But people are even less safe on the TV series."

8. False rumors about the death of "Seinfeld" star Wayne Knight

News websites were busy trying to clear up rumors about the supposed "death" of Wanye Knight earlier this week. The actor, who starred as Newman on "Seinfeld," did not die -- contrary to reports. He's very much alive and even stars on TV Land's "The Exes."

His name quickly starting trended, though, prompting him to clear things up: "Some of you will be glad to hear this, others strangely disappointed, but....I am alive and well!"

He added, "Does someone have to DIE to trend? Geez! Thanks for all the love everybody. I didn't know you cared. Glad to be breathing!"

9. "Real Housewives" star Phaedra Parks' husband Apollo Nida

Reports surfaced this week that Phaedra Parks and Apollo Nida of "The Real Housewives of Atlanta" are headed for a divorce. Media outlets are speculating whether the couple are already separated -- this following Nida's indictment on several counts of fraud and identity theft.

It's unclear if and how this will play out on the show -- if it's true, that is.

10. New "Star Wars" movie set to begin filming

"Star Wars" fans rejoiced this week when Walt Disney CEO Bob Iger announced that the next installment in the "Star Wars" film franchise will take place 30 years after "Return of the Jedi." The movie will feature "a trio of new young leads along with some very familiar faces," according to the official "Star Wars" website.

J.J. Abrams is on board as director, but the film's casting is still a mystery -- though Adam Driver ("Girls") and Oscar-winner Lupita Nyong'o ("12 Years a Slave") are two of the names being tossed around.

Filming will begin in May, with a release date set for Dec. 18, 2015.

Tell us: What were you buzzing about this week?

*Buzz rankings reflect the top entertainment topics being discussed on Facebook, Mar 16-19, in the United States. Rankings are based on both frequency and momentum: the Facebook conversations that not only got a lot of buzz during the week, but also saw a notable increase compared with the previous week.