Emmys 2014 host Seth Meyers: How did he do?

Host Seth Meyers speaks onstage at the 66th annual Primetime Emmy Awards held at Nokia Theatre L.A. Live on August 25, 2014, in Los Angeles.

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Before stepping into the role as this year's Emmys host Seth Meyers admitted he was both excited and a little nervous. That's not too surprising to hear because as a first-time Emmy Awards host, all eyes were glued to see how he would do.

For his monologue, the "Saturday Night Live" alum didn't do anything out of the ordinary -- keeping a pretty straightforward introduction to Emmys night.

He took on the predicable topics, taking jabs at everything from network television and cable to Netflix. He also poked fun at the Emmys' Monday night time slot as a result of NBC hosting "Sunday Night Football" this year and MTV airing its annual Video Music Awards on Sunday -- the night before.

"Jokes are like nominees," Meyers said. "They can't all be winners."

That certainly was the case here. Some jokes were hits with the audience, while others fell a little flat -- feeling a bit forced and contrived at times.

Meyers congratulated HBO for its leading 99 nominations, saying, "HBO is like the kid you grew up with who ended up doing much better than you expected."

He talked about "Game of Thrones," saying the actors have the "worst job security" and are told, "I think you better sit down you're character's been invited to a wedding."

Emmys 2014 host

How did Seth Meyers do as host?

He called out CBS shows and actors, too, noting how the series finale of "How I Met Your Mother" was probably the most depressing. "Dexter lived. Jesse Pinkman lived. But your mother didn't make it," he said.

Emmy winner Jim Parsons of CBS' "The Big Bang Theory" was also on the receiving end of Meyers' bit. Meyers pointed out how his character Sheldon makes a million dollars an episode, but he said: "You're worth every penny."

At one point, the 40-year-old emcee said, "Cable looks at Netflix the way Justin Bieber looks at One Direction -- through a cloud of marijuana smoke."

Just moments after Meyers' opening monologue, Jimmy Kimmel took the stage as a presenter, making some laugh-out-loud jokes that made us kind of wish he was hosting the Emmys again.

Throughout the night, Meyers popped up on the stage here and there -- doing a few sketches that got the crowd laughing -- but mainly he took a back seat to the awards.

While on the red carpet prior to the ceremony, Meyers said, "I'm pretty excited....It's been a great year in television. What I do isn't going to matter that much."

Will it?

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