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Emilio Estefan is behind new "We're All Mexican" song

Veteran music producer Emilio Estefan says he wrote a song called "We're All Mexican" to celebrate the achievements of Hispanic people in the United States.

Speaking in Spanish on his Facebook page Thursday, Estefan said the song is a way to "show the world the pride we have, not just for the Hispanic community, but all Mexicans for all they have done for this country."

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He said the song carries a message of unity: "It's about love and the love we feel for this country."

Estefan told that the new track will feature his wife, Gloria Estefan, and other Hispanic entertainers, including Carlos Santana and Wyclef Jean.

"There's a message being sent out to the world where people are giving opinions that are plain wrong," he said. "We need to lift up our pride and show the world what we're doing."

The song comes just a couple of months after Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump made comments about Mexican people in his campaign speech.

Estefan, who says he's known Trump "for many, many years," says the song "is not so much an answer to the real-estate developer turned Republican candidate as it is an answer to the sentiment that we've progressed [as Hispanics] and we need to let people know that."

"We're All Mexican" will be released in conjunction with Hispanic Heritage Month, which begins Sept. 15.

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