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Elyse Porterfield, HOPA Dry Erase Girl Exclusive Interview [Video]

On Monday at 4:45AM John Resig, founder of the comedy site uploaded 33 photos from a girl named Jenny quitting her job using a drive erase board to communicate her exit. They got a link from the popular site, and the viral madness began. 

Elyse Porterfield, aspiring actress Elyse Porterfield Facebook page

Jenny became the "It" girl, and now suspended Jet Blue flight attendant Steven Slater the "It" guy for quitting their jobs in grand style worthy of Web virality.

But Jenny wasn't real and the hoax was soon revealed. Nonetheless, in just over 24 hours later the Jenny post has garnered over 6 million unique visitors--a number gets for an entire month if they're lucky. 

The star of the photos, Elyse Porterfield, who just arrived in Los Angeles from her small hometown in Colorado to pursue the acting profession, is already an Internet sensation and the today's top searched Google trend. 

All it took was answering an ad that Resig posted on August 3 for a "girl next door model, 21-25 years old."

In this exclusive video interview, I sat down with  the 22-year-old Porterfield and Resig in his apartment/photo studio where they shot the piece. 

What's the story behind this hit? Could she be the next Internet centerfold following in the footsteps of Obama Girl? 

Porterfield shared her thoughts on the hoax's viral success, appearing in Playboy, looking up to Angelina Jolie and more possible projects with in the future. 

Watch the video below

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