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Elvis Trinkets Stolen In Las Vegas

The FBI has joined the investigation into the theft of Elvis Presley jewelry from the Elvis-A-Rama museum in Las Vegas.

In less than five minutes, thieves swiped $325,000 worth of Elvis Presley's jewelry and kitsch earlier this month.

But the Sunday night heist at Elvis-A-Rama left behind a million-dollar gem: the King's blue suede shoes.

Museum owner Chris Davidson said the thieves stole up to 80 percent of the jewelry on display.

"By no means am I giving up hope," he said Wednesday.

Police said the suspects stole a tow truck and drove it into the museum's rear door, then used lead pipes to break open three Plexiglas cases. The bandits were in the museum less than five minutes, police estimated.

Among the stolen inventory: a gold-plated handgun, a custom scarf, a bracelet and watch, Presley's Humes High School ring from 1953 and a Louisiana Hayride "E. Presley Day" ring from 1956.

With the FBI on board, authorities will be able to search a database used by law enforcement agencies throughout the world.

The database provides information involving the theft of art or other artifacts with significant historical or artistic importance.

Davidson's personal favorite was an "E.P" diamond pendant and chain, and a ruby and diamond star-shaped ring Presley bought in Las Vegas for $75,000.

"Those two pieces, I'm crushed over," Davidson said. "It's devastating."

Davidson, who opened the museum in November 1999, purchased the items from auctions and Presley's former bodyguards, friends and acquaintances. Presley was known to freely give away jewelry and other possessions.