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Florida voters "fed up" with Trump and Clinton speak out

A focus group gives a revealing look at the anger toward the front-runners in both parties
Florida voters unhappy with front-runners Clinton, Trump 07:08

Voters in the key swing state of Florida are sharing their frustration about their options in the 2016 presidential race. A focus group comprised of Republican and Democratic voters who oppose both Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump offered a revealing look at the anger toward the front-runners in both parties.

Clinton and Trump share the distinction of being among the least-liked candidates.

"I would rather not vote than vote for either one of these candidates," one woman told CBS News contributor and Republican strategist Frank Luntz, who led the group at the Orlando Public Library. "And it pains me to say that, because I feel it's my right as a member of this democratic society to be able to vote. But given those two candidates, I can't vote for either one of them."

"Why none of the above?" Luntz asked.

"I just think that none of the-- either party doesn't deserve my vote. They're not giving me what I feel we need as a country," another woman explained. "So why give the support to someone who's not gonna do what I need them to do for me and my family?"

"I don't believe Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton really care about the American people. I don't trust either of them. I don't think they are presidential," one man said.

"Who's mad as hell?" Luntz asked the focus group. Multiple people responded affirmatively.

"But I'm mad at the voters," a woman said. "I'm not mad at the candidates. People are voting for them. And I'm angry for people that settle for sound bites for their information."

Others in the group agreed.

The group responded favorably to one particular "Outsourcer" ad about Trump that pointed out Donald J. Trump Collection ties were made in China.

"Who thought that out-sourcing ad was really powerful and credible? Tell me why," Luntz said.

"I just feel like he always talks about making America great again, and bringing back business here. But it's-- he's being hypocritical," a woman said.

"That Donald Trump is doing, he's doing something that this country's never seen before. He's bringing out voters to the polls to -- that have never voted in the decade," one man said.

The woman sitting behind him disagreed.

"If he were bringing' out all the voters to vote for him, he'd be doing a lot better than he is. There's just as many coming out to vote against him as there are voting for him," she said, as the group responded affirmatively.

"The only way I wanna see Donald Trump in the White House is on a guided tour. The only way I wanna see Hillary Clinton in the White House ... is if her prison's on a guided tour," one man said.

"The thing about Hillary Clinton is that all of her flaws are verifiable and provable. Because we see one scandal after another that followed her husband and now it's following her, between Benghazi, and also The Clinton Foundation, the money that's coming in, the email scandal. It's all there," one man pointed out.

"You talked about Benghazi being important to you. And you don't feel that she's been candid about what happened. There's one ad that's been run against her that was particularly effective with you all," Luntz said, showing the ad below.

"As an Army person, somebody that's served in combat, you sit there, and I can relate to what those guys were goin' through on the ground. And you always realize your country had your back. And I feel like we abandoned those guys. And I can't imagine what was goin' through their minds," a man said.

"But you blame her, not the president?" Luntz asked.

"I blame both of 'em," he said. "They both knew what was goin' on. And she did not give them adequate security. ... And you cannot tell me, having been a commissioned Army officer and a planner, that we could not have gotten support to them."

"Then vote for Trump," Luntz said.

"No, because I don't believe anything that man says. His word is as good as that degree from Trump University," the man responded.

They said they don't trust Clinton or Trump.

"There is a great opportunity for someone. And that person had better come forward fast, because if the Republicans put Donald Trump up, and if the Democrats put Hillary Clinton, it will be the worst turnout election ever," a woman said.

"I have been voting straight Republican for over 30 years. And at this point in time, I need to be able to look my grandson in the eye and tell him that I voted with principle -- or I supported a candidate of principle," another woman said. "And right now, we don't have one."

"Amen," a participant responded.

"I cannot support the Republican Party as it currently exists. It's time. I'm fed up. It's time," a man said. "You wanna do something about it? It's truly time to start a third party. This election is gone. I will not vote for Hillary, I will not vote for Trump."

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