Marco Rubio on Clinton emails, future of GOP

WASHINGTON -- Hillary Clinton's email controversy was one of the subjects of CBS News chief White House correspondent Major Garrett's interview with Republican presidential contender Senator Marco Rubio of Florida.

"She was less than truthful about it, repeatedly," Rubio said. "And it goes to the issue of both competence and credibility. It is irresponsible for an elected official in her capacity to be discussing highly sensitive things on a format that she had to have known was not fully secured."

Marco Rubio: GOP not in a "meltdown"

What does Rubio consider the risk of that?

"The risk of that is we are giving opponents of this government or adversaries insight into our thinking, into our decision making, and it provides them, most certainly, an advantage in the national security realm," he said.

Rubio also addressed the future of the Republican Party, with the speakership of John Boehner in shambles and succession uncertain.

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