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What's inside Lindsey Graham's modest financial portfolio?

Sen. Lindsey Graham, R-South Carolina, is far from wealthiest person in the Senate or the 2016 presidential race, according to his 2014 financial disclosure forms.

The data, available on the Senate website, show that Graham has assets totaling somewhere between $216,000 and $740,000, spread across a variety of mutual funds and bank deposits.

Graham also has between $115,002 and $300,000 in mortgage debt.

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Senators are required to file the disclosure paperwork on an annual basis, but it only provides the financial information in broad ranges, making it tough to pin down specific figures.

According to, Graham had an estimated net worth in 2013 of $1.02 million, making him the 68th wealthiest person in the Senate. But USA Today noted that ranking is likely to drop in light of the 2014 data, which was filed last month.

"His new estimated net worth is closer to $270,000 after he removed his Capitol Hill home from his list of assets this year," the paper reported. "It was removed because Graham stopped renting out part of the home, so it no longer generates income, according to his office."

Some other 2016 candidates have a far bigger financial portfolio. Businessman and reality TV star Donald Trump, who launched his campaign on Tuesday, claimed his net worth is more than $8 billion dollars. (Forbes Magazine says it's closer to $4 billion. Either way, he's far and away the wealthiest person in the 2016 field.)

Democratic frontrunner Hillary Clinton is worth tens of millions of dollars. She and her husband, former President Bill Clinton, earned much of that money from book deals and paid speeches.

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But even some candidates who aren't political royalty or real estate magnates have more money than Graham: estimated Texas Sen. Ted Cruz's 2013 net worth at $3,171,518, making him the 47th wealthiest senator.

Much of that was likely from the earnings of his wife, Heidi Cruz, a a former managing partner at Goldman Sachs who took a leave from her job when Cruz launched his bid.

Graham, a lifelong bachelor, doesn't have a breadwinning spouse to supplement his earnings. He earns $174,000 annually as a senator, and he did not report any any other income in 2014.

On the campaign trail, the South Carolina senator has emphasized his humble roots. He's discussed his childhood spent in the bar and pool hall owned by his parents, and he's recalled how he and his sister relied on social security benefits after both of his parents passed away in the late 1970s.

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