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Fox News makes changes to its 2016 GOP candidate forum

Fox News has made some slight changes to its August 6 GOP presidential forum - an event the network is holding to provide airtime to second-tier candidates who don't make the cut for the primetime debate that same day.

The presidential forum was originally scheduled to be held from 1 to 3 p.m., but the network has shortened the event to one hour and moved it to 5 p.m. The later time should increase the number of viewers, as Fox's ratings are considerably higher in the evening, but the decision to shorten the event may draw criticism from the crowded field of GOP contenders.

In June, Fox announced that only the top 10 candidates, according to an average of recent public polling, could make the cut for the primetime debate, which will be held in Cleveland, Ohio. If any candidates are tied in the polling average, there could be more than 10 contenders onstage.

Because there are 16 major Republican contenders for the nomination, as many as six could be relegated to the 5 p.m. candidate forum.

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