Five things to know about John Kasich

  • John Kasich enters a crowded field of Republican candidates Tuesday, as he becomes the 16th person to declare he is running for president.

    It will be an uphill climb for the Ohio governor, who's in the three percent range in national polls. But he does bring three distinct advantages to the race: he'll be the most popular sitting governor running, with a 60-percent approval rating in his state, a June Quinnipiac poll says, a presidential operation with more than $11 million in the bank, and a long resume that includes nearly 20 years in Congress, the statehouse in Ohio and time in the private sector.

    Kasich's shot at moving up in the polls may come if one of his opponents starts sinking. He's a business-friendly governor that will appeal to the same crowd as former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush and New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie. Plus, he has Christie's brash style that appeals to some voters, but with a better state economic record to back up his leadership.

    "Republican voters do like the style that Chris Christie made famous back in 2012, the style of where you just don't take criticism sitting down," Ohio State University Political Science Professor Paul Beck told CBS News. "Kasich may be able to differentiate himself from Bush within that same niche as being more like Chris Christie and less like Jeb Bush."

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  • Rebecca Kaplan

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