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Paul "appalled" by NSA surveillance, Pataki on campaign exit

What the 2016 presidential candidates are saying:

U.S. Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY) (C) holds up a group of cell phones in front of U.S. District Court to announce the filing of a class action lawsuit against the administration of U.S. President Barack Obama, Director ofNational Intelligence James Clapper, National Security Agency Director Keith Alexander and FBI Director James Comey on Feb. 12, 2014. Win McNamee, Getty Images
Rand Paul: "This is a big, big problem."
On the Wall Street Journal's report that the NSA may have surveilled members of Congress:

"Well, I'm appalled by it. This is exactly why we need more NSA reform."

"[T]his is a big, big problem. And it's not a new one, but we absolutely need more controls over the NSA and more controls on our intelligence agencies." --interviewed on Fox News Channel's "Fox & Friends"

Marco Rubio's "careful" reaction to report on NSA surveillance:

"We have to be very careful about how we discuss it especially since there's a press report that I don't think gives the entire story, and - not defending the Obama administration - I actually think it might even be worse than some people might think. But this is an issue that we'll keep a close eye on." --interviewed on Fox News Channel's "Fox & Friends"

Former New York Governor George Pataki delivers his opening statement during a forum for lower polling candidates held prior to the Republican presidential debate in Las Vegas, Dec. 15, 2015. Mike Blake/Reuters

George Pataki, upon exiting the presidential race:

"If we're truly going to make America great again - we need to elect a president who will do three things; confront and defeat radical Islam, shrink the size and power of Washington and unite us again in our belief in this great country," Pataki said Tuesday night in a two-minute ad that aired -- thanks to the equal-time rule -- on NBC affiliates in Iowa, South Carolina, and New Hampshire.

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