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Elderly emu known as "The Bird" on the loose in central Maine

LIBSON, Maine -- Police say a 19-year-old emu known as "The Bird" is on the loose somewhere in a Maine town. Lisbon police, an animal control officer and much of the town searched throughout the day Thursday for the 5-foot-4-inch flightless ostrich-like emu that escaped from the local animal sanctuary.

The Bangor Daily News reports a person caring for The Bird was moving it to its summer residence when it bolted from the Rockin' T Equine Sanctuary and Rescue.

The sanctury's Janet Tuttle, who was out of town when it happened, told the newspaper said a tranquilizer gun will likely be needed to recapture the 100 pound bird.

Police say the emu is likely somewhere in the local woods.

Animal officials say it tried to escape a decade ago, but was caught by an animal control officer.

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