Eisner's Turning Prom Queen Into a Movie

This story was written by Rafat Ali.
Michael Eisner is the subject of a long and rather fawning profile in Sunday NYT today, and comes to the conclusion that he is "comfortable post-Disney (NYSE: DIS) existencedeeply involved with his talk show, his investments and his experiments in new media, and quite pleased that corporate spinmeisters no longer surround him." While the comfortable part might be true, to call his new media ventures a "success", as the story says, is more than a bit of a stretch: neither Veoh nor Vuguru has shown any long term business potential yet. And even as he consider the future of entertainment on the Web, he also recognizes that the bulk of money to be made is still from traditional means, and Eisner and his team at Torante have been discussing turning "Prom Queen" into a film. "It would be an event, taking an Internet property and turning it into a theatrical movie," he said in the meeting. "I think we have to do it," reports NYT. 

By Rafat Ali