Egg-Throwing Teens Met by Gunfire; Nev. Shooter Charged with Attempted Murder

Christopher Brunelle (mugshot)

HENDERSON, Nev. (CBS/KLAS) Don't shoot until you see the whites of their, eggs.

That's what Nevada man Christopher Brunelle allegedly did, and now the 22-year-old faces two counts of attempted murder for shooting at two teenage trouble-making egg-throwers, according to CBS affiliate KLAS.

Police told KLAS Brunelle called 911 Sunday night, and admitted he had shot at a Jeep after people inside had thrown "projectiles" at him. He said he shot at the tires, but the bullets hit the passenger side window and doorpost.

Police said Bruenelle was sitting in his truck in front of his home at the time of the incident, the Las Vegas Sun reported. Authorities told the newspaper a glass or bullet fragment struck one of the teens in the upper right shoulder. The other teen, who was driving the Jeep Cherokkee, wasn't injured.

Egg remnants were found on Brunelle's truck, authorities said, and misdemeanor vandalism charges are pending against the teens. Eighteen-year-olds Brenna Schmid-Webster and Cameron Mackey said they had been driving around the neighborhood egging cars for no reason, according to the paper.

In response to the alleged vigilante incident, Henderson police urged residents to call authorities about vandalism before acting on their own.

"Self-defense cannot be used when a threat no longer exists or there was not a real or perceived threat," police said in a statement.