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Edwards On The Air In Iowa For Duration

This is from CBS News' Aaron Lewis: With just over two months to go before the first votes are cast, the John Edwards campaign announced today its first major ad buy in Iowa. The 60-second spot, entitled "Heroes," has already started running in the state.

"If you're looking for heroes, don't look to me," Edwards says in the ad, as scenes and faces of Iowans pan across the screen. "Look to them. They are the ones who we speak for. They are the ones that we stand up for."

The ad also alludes to Elizabeth Edwards and her battle with cancer: "Elizabeth and I decided, in the quiet of a hospital room, after 12 hours of tests and after getting very bad news, what we were going to spend our lives doing, for all those that have no voice."

And Edwards challenges his own party, too: "It is time for our party, the Democratic Party, to show a little backbone, to have a little guts. To stand up for working men and women. If we are not their voice, they will never have a voice."

Until today, the campaign had held off on making a significant media splash, while Clinton and Obama have already dumped millions into media buys across the state. Deputy campaign manager Jonathan Prince conceded on a conference call today that Edwards has been and will continue to be outspent by his two major rivals, but he's still comfortable with his standing in Iowa. Polls in the state show Edwards ranging from the middle of a three-way tie at the top, to a clear but not-too-distant third.

And even with the spending caps imposed by public financing, senior adviser Joe Trippi said on the conference call that the campaign has no plans to slow down.

"We are going up on air today and we intend to stay up all the way through caucus day," said Trippi. "And we have the resources to do that."

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