Edwards Goes Door-to-Door in N.H.

From CBS News' Aaron Lewis:

NASHUA, N.H. -- John Edwards returned to the campaign trail this morning, canvassing a Nashua neighborhood on his final day in NH before returning to Iowa for the final 8 days before the caucuses.

Accompanied by supporters Bill Barry and Helen Honorow, Edwards knocked on about six doors on Wood Street where he was greeted by surprise and glee by most of the neighbors (perhaps, because of the massive press entourage at their doorsteps, they might have though they were the big winners of a massive sweepstakes.).

Jim and Carolyn Mail were playing on their new Nintendo Wii with children Miranda and Catherine before Edwards dropped by their home. They took the time to swap holiday stories then talk politics.

"I think it's a wide open field," said Mr. Mail, a Republican who said he supports John McCain (Mrs. Mail is a Democrat who said she will support Edwards.)

"So do I," interjected Edwards.

"You've got yourself, and you've got, you know, the presumptive frontrunner, Hillary, who thinks she's the frontrunner," said Mr. Mail.

"You think she still thinks it?" asked a laughing Edwards.

"I think she thinks she's the frontrunner," continued Mr Mail. "I don't think she's electable.

"Yea, I hear you," replied Edwards. "I agree with you."

After breaking down Obama's chances as well, Edwards came away impressed.

"Only in New Hampshire," he said. "This guy could be a political consultant."