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Editorial: Obama Poised To Offer Leadership After Failed Bush Administration

This story was written by Editorial Board, The California Aggie

For the past eight years the presidential leadership of the United States has been sorely lacking to the point of nonexistence. The country has been led - or left - to plunge in a downward spiral embarrassing to both citizens of the country and the world. Whether or not George W. Bush can be blamed for all the circumstances that have led to the country's current condition is debatable. What is not debatable is that Sen. Barack Obama is the presidential candidate most able to rejuvenate and inspire our country.

Sen. Obama has shown over the course of his political career and his presidential campaign that he has the first class temperament and judgment required of the President of the United States. He has shown an ability to bring people together and, more importantly, work together.

His policies also display an understanding of what America needs right now. His health care plan, as opposed to that of Sen. McCain, will help more Americans faster; that it will have a significant cost initially (approximately $65 billion) is not a high price to pay at all when one considers the benefit: universal health care.

Sen. Obama's military and diplomatic plan to withdraw American troops from Iraq is something else this country needs right now. This is in stark contrast to Sen. McCain's proposal to stay in Iraq as long as necessary; while projections from the McCain-Palin campaign have the majority of troops withdrawn by 2013, this is not definite and not something Sen. McCain has committed to.

Something Sen. McCain has committed to, unfortunately, is Sarah Palin. Regardless of Senator McCain's merits as a presidential candidate, The California Aggie could never, in good conscience, endorse a presidential ticket that features Governor Palin. Billing the Republican National Committee for $150,000 worth of clothing and abusing her position of governor in order to pursue a personal vendetta do not display a level of maturity required of a high school class president, let alone the leader of the free world. The possibility of the Vice President becoming the President of the United States is always one that should be seriously considered, and the thought of someone so inexperienced, unqualified and so ethically challenged running the country fills us with an unrelenting terror.

Sen. Obama is not without his own faults. He does not have a very impressive political record. His stance on issues is not abundantly clear in many cases. With the very real chance that the Democratic Party will gain enough Senate seats to prevent the possibility of a Republican filibuster, it's unclear whether Sen. Obama will be able or willing to stand up to his own party. Over the course of the campaign, it has become clear that he will face a steep learning curve in regard to foreign policy.

Some of these problems are faced by many presidential candidates and should not be held against him. Others he has taken steps to address; Sen. Joe Biden will provide him with experienced counsel in regard to international relations.

For all these reasons, we encourage you to cast your vote for Sen. Obama today.

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