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Editorial: Obama In Best Position To Fight Challenges

This story was written by Editorial Board, Advance-Titan
In 2008, America is facing many challenges. Our nation is fighting two wars overseas, facing a historic economic crisis, and is home to a myriad of problems from health care to the environment, education to housing markets, energy to civil rights. Whoever is elected has a tremendous amount of work to do to fix this country. We of the Advance Titan believe the best candidate to lead our nation at this critical time is Sen. Barack Obama.

Since Sen. Obama began his campaign, he made it abundantly clear he has the leadership capabilities and an intelligent, inspiring vision for changing America and putting our nation on the right track toward a better future. Some have said that Obama simply gives a good speech, but it is the substance and not the style of his speeches that has separated him from the rest of the candidates in this election.

He has run a forward-thinking campaign of unity instead of division and hope instead of fear. While this campaign has been full of negativity from both sides, Obamas attacks have been critical of policy instead of character and have not resorted to ugly, divisive tactics such as those we have seen from Sen. John McCain and Gov. Sarah Palin.

Sen. Obama has proved to be the superior candidate when it comes to foreign policy. He would bring a unique worldview to the presidency and is aware of the fact that the United States image abroad needs serious repair. He has long been critical of the Bush foreign policy and has rightfully expressed that we need to work on removing troops from Iraq and refocus our military on a tumultuous situation in Afghanistan and Pakistan. Sen. McCain has expressed his commitment to victory in Iraq, but has failed to specify what that victory entails.

Sen. Obama has also showed that he is prepared to deal with the current economic crisis in a collected, level-headed manner that puts the needs of Americans ahead of the greed of Wall Street.

Sen. McCain has shown poor and inconsistent judgment on the economy. He was against the Bush tax cuts when put to vote in the senate, but now wants not only to make the tax cuts permanent, but extend tax cuts even further in a time when the government funds two wars, just signed a $700 billion bailout and is more than $10 trillion in debt.

In one of the first tests of judgment for the candidates, selection of a running mate, Sen. Obama has chosen a far superior candidate to serve this country. Sen. Joe Biden would bring years of foreign policy experience to the position of vice president, while Gov. Sarah Palin has proved to be an embarrassing, unintelligent candidate and a dangerous choice to be one heartbeat away from being the leader of the free world.

More importantly for college students, Sen. Obama has shown he is committed to providing affordable higher education for all Americans and has proposed the American Opportunity Tax Credit, where students would receive a $4,000 tax credit in exchange for 100 hours in a year community service or military service.

The Advance-Titan editorial board is proudly endorsing Sen. Barack Obama to be the 44th president of the United States of America.