East Coast don't forget to check into Earthquakepocalypse on Foursquare


(CBS) -East Coasters who aren't accustomed to earthquakes: don't forget to duck, cover and check into Earthquakepocalypse* on Foursquare. After you Tweet and Facebook, that is.

The U.S. Geological Survey reported a magnitude 5.8** earthquake in Louisa, Va. on Tuesday afternoon.

A testament to the importance of technology as a source of breaking news, many people turned to Twitter, Facebook and even Foursquare to report the news. We're guilty!

Seriously, be safe out there.

CBSNews coverage: 5.8 quake hits Va.; Felt along U.S. east coast

Reactions from the Twitterverse...

New Yorkers are confused, according to @peteramckay "I'm in Lower Manhattan. Crowds of people have come out of office buildings, mulling around in street after feeling #earthquake."

Twitter user @LoreLoreL points out, "Eastcoast: *ground shakes*Earthquake!! OMG!!! 2012!! Westcoast: *ground shakes* you feel that? Musta been an earthquake. *goes back to work*"

Acting as the voice of reason, @PANdaNG tweeted, "LOL, people were worrying about Tsunamis? The earthquake wasn't based in the ocean."

We may not be cool enough for this quake, according to Twitter user @katz "I felt that earthquake last week" - Brooklyn hipster"

Twitter cat @sockington tweeted, "I SAID MORE SHAKYMOUSE not shakyhouse"

* Originally posted at "Quakepocalypse," the check in location's name was changed to "Earthquakepocalypse" about an hour later.  

** Originally reported by the USGS at a 5.9 earthquake. It was later downgraded to 5.8.