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Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson helps save a puppy named after him

When Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson hears about an abandoned puppy named after him who needs life-saving surgery, do you really expect him to be anything but amazing and generous?

Of course not.

Actress Michelle Trachtenberg brought the pup to Johnson's attention on Monday, tweeting a link to the "Furious 7" star about the 4-month-old puppy who was abandoned at a shelter with heavy wire wrapped around his mouth. While the wire was successfully removed, after the dog was stitched up it was discovered that he suffers from a severe heart murmur, which requires surgery to treat.

"This puppy named after @TheRock was tortured, abandoned!," Trachtenberg wrote. "He needs our help for life saving surgery."

Saving SPOT shelter in Los Angeles, who is currently caring for the pup, said they named him after the action star because "he is going to need to be a great fighter to win this battle.

Of course, The Rock wanted to help out his furry namesake.

"This is rough to read about," he replied to Trachtenberg's tweet on Tuesday. "Poor lil' pup abandoned w/ a wire wrapped around his mouth. I'll help. Stay strong pup."

True to his word, Johnson donated $1,500 to the dog's GoFundMe page in order to help meet the $5,000 goal. The shelter updated their page on Wednesday, thanking the action star.

"Knowing that 'The Rock' has got Dwayne the puppy's back, we are confident he will be a fighter and make it through this," they wrote. "Thank you all for your generous donations- thanks to you we have met our goal."

Trachtenberg also tweeted back to Johnson with her thanks.

"Thank you so much for your support @TheRock," she wrote. "We are going to save this little fighter's life!"

It's just the latest tear-jerking story starring Johnson and his four-legged friends. The Ballers star lost his own French bulldog, Brutus, in September, after the pup accidentally ingested poisonous mushrooms.

"We'll always love you Brutus," the action star shared in a touching Instagram tribute, "and you'll always be my lil' main man and rough housing Brute."

Another reminder we have to live and love as greatly as we can today, because tomorrow is never guaranteed. At approximately 11:15pm last night myself and @laurenhashianofficial had to make the painful decision to end Brutus' suffering by taking him off of life support and sending his soul to pup heaven. I held his lil' paw as he was finally at peace. As all puppies and dogs do, he ate a mushroom while playing outside with his brother Hobbs. This mushroom happened to have a lethal toxicity and within hours it was rapidly destroying his liver and immune system to the point of no return. I encourage all of you out there to be mindful of mushrooms in your yards, parks or anywhere outside your dogs play. What looks innocent, can be deadly to your lil' family members. Thank you Dr. Deckelbaum and Dr. West and the incredibly caring nurses and staff at The Animal Medical Center At Cooper City. We'll always love you Brutus.. and you'll always be my lil' main man and rough housing Brute. #RIPBrutus #WishICouldHaveSavedYouOneMoreTime #TheresPickUpTrucksInHeavenYouCanPeeIn

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