Dunkin' Donuts worker sold sex, say N.J. cops, in "extra sugar" probe

If you like pork and you like doughnuts, you may have to buy a plane ticket to China. In March, doughnut giant Dunkin' Donuts CEO Nigel Travis told Reuters that savory donuts with shredded pork are being sold at the company's 150 stories in China. The company also said at the time it was developing milk tea and bagels with pork floss topping in Chinese markets.
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Dunkin' Donuts products are displayed July 27, 2011, in Montpelier, Vt.
More than munchkins and lattes were allegedly for sale by a female employee at a Dunkin' Donuts in Rockaway Township, N.J.
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(CBS/AP) ROCKAWAY TOWNSHIP, N.J. - The fact that police dubbed their investigation at a New Jersey Dunkin' Donuts "extra sugar" probably tells you all you need to know about what was supposedly going on there.

A 29-year-old female Dunkin' Donuts worker in Rockaway Township is facing prostitution charges, after police say she took breaks to provide sex for money in the parking lot.

Police launched the investigation after getting a tip about the worker's activities at the shop.

Detective Sgt. Kyle Schwarzmann told The Daily Record of Parsippany he noticed that employee Melissa Redmond of Mine Hill would go out to cars and would spend 10 to 15 minutes in the vehicles.

Schwarzmann says Redmond was arrested after soliciting sex from an undercover officer.