Duke students fulfill campus security guard's dream


Last Updated May 12, 2016 5:00 PM EDT

Marty Slutsky has been protecting and serving others for years. He's seen a lot, but what happened this week left even him at a loss for words.

On Thursday night, the 62-year-old was the one getting the help.

"It's been a dream, I'd say, to go to an actual Duke basketball game for the last 10 years," Slutsky said. "I was so excited that I couldn't even sleep."

Working as a security guard at one of Duke's campus libraries, he's a well-known face to the students. He works the graveyard shift, often hearing the cheers from nearby Cameron Indoor Stadium.

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But not once has he sat in the stands to cheer on his beloved Blue Devils - why?

"Well because they're super, super, super expensive," Slutsky said.

Duke sophomores Kayla Schulz and Lauren Perry-Carrera created a go-fund me page, looking to raise $430 for a pair of tickets for Slutsky.

"I thought, he's such a friendly guy. You see him walking down the hall and I said I want to be friends with him," Schulz said. "He's worked here for 12 years. It's crazy that he hadn't been to a game before."

Just 30 minutes after sharing the page on Facebook, they reached their goal - and beyond.

"It just makes you realize how precious he is to the students and how many people love and respect him," Perry-Carrera said.

"I'm going to a Duke game! And I'm very, very excited and it's great!" Slutsky said. "A dream come true."

So Thursday night -- wearing his Duke colors, with a friend in tow and tickets in hand -- Marty waited, like he has been for 12 long years. But this time, it was just a line for a two-hour game, a decade in the making.

Correction: In an earlier version of this story, we reported incorrect information regarding Mr Slutsky's past employment. CBS News has determined Mr. Slutsky was never a member of New York City's Fire Department and have been unable to confirm his contention of military service.