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Dual Monitors? Slow Down Your Mouse at the Edge of the Screen for Easier Navigation

When I first started using dual monitors, I found that I often "overshot" the edge of the screen when I was aiming for the close button or scroll bar. I'd fly way over to the other monitor and have to jog the pointer back to the original target. It was annoying and made me feel like a klutz. After a while, you tend to get used to it, but it would be better if Windows anticipated the problem and dynamically slowed down the mouse pointer as you approached the edge of the screen.

I've found a program that does just that. Dual Display Mouse Manager slows down your pointer at the transition point between multiple monitors, as if you squirted some digital molasses along the edge of the screen.

You can use the program defaults, which work just fine, or you can tweak the delay (by default, 150 milliseconds). There's even a program setting to prohibit mouse movement to the other monitor unless you hold down the CTRL key, but I can't imagine a scenario in which that setting is convenient.

Dual Display Mouse Manager makes the shared edge between my monitors just "sticky" enough that I can easily hit the UI elements I was aiming for. A small convenience in a frustrating world.