Drunk man rides motorized shopping cart in Fla. Walmart, police say

Timothy Carr

(CBS) BROOKSVILLE, Fla. - Police say Timothy Carr is now facing felony charges after taking a drunken joyride through a Brooksville, Fla. Walmart in a motorized shopping cart, CBS affiliate WTSP reports.

Officers were called to the store Sunday night in reference to an intoxicated man. When officers arrived, they found Carr, 48, riding around in a motorized shopping cart, knocking items off the store shelves, the station reports.

According to WTSP, as Carr drove around, he reportedly drank from an alcoholic beverage he had taken off a shelf.

When confronted by police, Carr admitted he did not have money to pay for his beverage, the station says.

Carr was arrested for disorderly intoxication and retail theft. Since he had previously been convicted of retail theft, Sunday's charge was upgraded to a felony.