Dropped iPhones, iPads? Guess which state is the clumsiest


(CBS News) The dreaded broken iPhone screen - it seems like something that's happened to at least one person you know. But do you ever wonder which of the 50 United State is the clumsiest?

According to a recent study released by warranty provider SquareTrade, Mississippi tops the list that has the most reported cases of broken or damaged iPhones.

The top five states with butter fingers are: Mississippi, New Mexico, Rhode Island, North Dakota and South Carolina.

When it comes to iPads, South Carolina takes the crown for clumsiest state. Rounding out the top five states that report the most iPad fumbles are: Mississippi, Nebraska, Washington D.C. and Alaska.

"At SquareTrade, we've found most devices fail due to drops and spills", SquareTrade chief marketing officer Ty Shay said in the press release.

The company didn't speculate on the reasons why Mississippi and South Carolina had the most accidents with Apple products, but the incidents aren't rare.

"IPhones and iPads are fragile devices and sometimes all it takes is small drop to shatter the screen," Shay said.