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Drew Peterson murder trial in recess until Tuesday due to sick juror

Drew Peterson Scott Olson

(CBS/AP) JOLIET, Ill. - The testimony of Drew Peterson's former sister-in-law  was cut short Friday after the judge recessed the ex-cop's murder trial due to a sick juror.

A male juror had been repeatedly coughing and testimony at Peterson's trial for the murder of his third wife, Kathleen Savio, had been interrupted several times to let him recover.

Anna Doman testified Friday that her sister, Savio, told her before her 2004 death that she believed Peterson was going to kill her.

"She said that Drew told her he was going to kill her, she was not going to make it to the divorce settlement, she would not get his pension or his children," said Doman, referring to what prosecutors have said was a settlement involving two homes, a tavern Peterson and Savio owned and Peterson's pension from his career as a Bolingbrook, Ill. police officer. "She made me promise over and over that I would take care of her boys, over and over (she said), `I want to hear you say it because everything's going to them.'"

During intense cross examination, Doman acknowledged she didn't tell police about Savio's alleged comments until three years later, shortly after Peterson's fourth wife, Stacy, disappeared. Peterson has been named a suspect in that disappearance but has not been charged.

Doman said "no one would listen" when she tried to call police but she acknowledged she did not have any documentation of the calls she said she made. She also admitted under cross-examination that after her sister's death she never tried to get custody of Savio's children or even contact them or send them birthday or Christmas cards.

Before the recess prosecutors had planned to call a retired Illinois State Police sergeant who was in charge of the investigation of Savio's death and a crime scene technician who responded to Savio's house the night her body was found.

Judge Edward Burmila said the trial would reconvene Tuesday.

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