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Dream Date: Raquel Welch As Sarah Palin

Republican vice presidential nominee Sarah Palin isn't just rocking the political world. Her personal style is also sending shock waves through the fashion world as women around the globe are seeking that "Palin style." Nobody knows this more than the folks at in Miami Beach. Joe Aronesty tells us that "it's good for business," and that demand has come in for a Palin style wig from every corner of the world. Better yet, he hasn't had to design and produce a special wig. His solution: just tweak one of his popular wigs from Raquel Welch. "Simply bobby pin back the upper layers of the Raquel Welch new Valentine wig style," says's Web page dedicated to the Palin style.

Welch is new to the wig business but is already America's bestseller, and combining her name with Palin's should be a doubly hot seller. Welch has several designs that suggests can be manipulated for Palin's multiple styles, from the teacher's bun to the casual look she wore for the Hannity and Colmes interview this week.

Now, says that the "hardest part of finding Sarah Palin's hairstyle in a wig is getting the color right." Here, they think they nail it, however, suggesting that those who want an accurate color should choose "roasted cinnamon."

It's not just wigs that are taking off. Palin's glasses have set off a craze around the world, too. The Japanese designer of her frames, Kazuo Kawasaki, is part of the frenzy and says Palin would look great in any frames, but he's glad she chose his.

By Paul Bedard

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