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Dramatic video shows woman being rescued from submerged vehicle

Woman pulled from sunken car
Woman pulled from sunken car after monsoon rains in Arizona 00:56

MESA, Ariz. -- Dramatic video shows a woman being pulled from an Arizona canal after crews found her inside a submerged car, CBS Phoenix affiliate KPHO reports. Paramedics said the woman -- who was driving through storms that hit the area -- was briefly able to breathe through an air pocket in the flooded vehicle.

A man "was reaching in to try to feel to see if anyone was in there. And the woman who was inside grabbed hold of his wrist," said Keven Braegger, who recorded the rescue on camera. "He wasn't expecting that at all. He was like, 'We have a live patient in here.'"  

By the time she was pulled out of the canal, she was losing oxygen. Paramedics performed life-saving measures and she was taken to a nearby hospital.  

Paramedics said the woman is expected to be OK.

On Monday, a monsoon storm hit central Arizona, KPHO reported.

Arizona woman rescued from car submerged in canal 00:31
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