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Dramatic video shows mother and son rescued from sinking pickup

Sinking car rescue in California

LONG BEACH, Calif. — Good Samaritans helped save a mother, her son and their dog after their pickup crashed into the water by a marina in Long Beach, California. Security video shows the vehicle barreling through a railing before hitting the water Saturday afternoon.

According to CBS Los Angeles, several people jumped in to help the family, including Jeff Perez.

"No sooner did I hop in the water, the lifeguard captain was handing over the older lady to me," he said.

"I would just hope people would do the right thing," Perez added. "That's what we're all here for, to be here for one another and for support."

Witness Jeff Jones ran to the lifeguard station to get help, and took cellphone video of the rescue.

"It was very hectic," he said. "The fire trucks came, the local marine patrol came. It just got pretty chaotic, very fast."

Everyone made it out of the vehicle safely, including the dog.

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