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Dr. Ruth And <i>Survivor</i> Sex

CBS News Early Show Anchor Bryant Gumbel got an earful from sex expert Dr. Ruth Westheimer when he moderated the weekly Survivor round table discussion, which also included talk show host Ricki Lake and author Rick Stengel.

Dirk Been, 24, a substitute teacher from Wisconsin, became the fifth castaway voted off the island. But the focus of discussion quickly changed to the relationship between Greg and Colleen.

"I want to tell you something," said the feisty Westheimer. "Watch out, because I don't want them to have sex in that place. You know me better, Bryant Gumbel… There is no commitment. There is no love. What is that?"

"Wait! They're talking about having sex, not having love," Gumbel said.

"I don't want them to have sex. You call them right now," said the diminutive doctor. "For the rest of the episodes, no sex. What they do later on, I don't care."

"Bryant Gumbel's fantasy for many years, it's his fantasy to sit here in this wonderful studio…" Dr. Ruth expounded, while Gumbel interjected, "Excuse me for a second."

But there was no stopping the Dr. Ruth juggernaut.

"…and hoping that there would be something out there that has to do with his favorite sport. I know him for many years," Dr. Ruth asserted.

"I thought his favorite sport was golf," Lake observed.

Dr. Ruth also pointed out that sex could be a divisive force in a tribe, saying, "If you are not chosen, you would be jealous. I would be jealous."

Lake described Colleen and Greg: "They're both hot, they're young, they're bored."

Said Gumbel, "You think they're both hot. Isn't Greg a nut job?"

Lake swooned, "I think he's amazing. I would be after that so fast. If I was single and on that island, I would be all over that."

Aside from the possible Greg-Colleen romance, the only man-woman thing going on seems to be in the competitions.

"That's what's so interesting about this. There's not sexual tension. There's sexual rivalry," Stengel observed. "The women feel they're in competition with the men, that they have to prove themselves."

Does the panel have any favorites?

"I was rooting for Richard until I learned he was going to be naked next week," said Stengel.

For Lake, it's Susan. "I think she's a tough cookie. I think she can hold her own emotionally, physically. She's definitely the dark horse. I think she's going to win."

And as for the next Survivor round table:

"Next time," Gumbel concluded sternly, "we don't talk about my sports, my fantasies, all right? Just leave that there."

"I don't want (Richard) to be naked," Dr. Ruth said.

Gumbel's reply: "That makes two of us."

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