"Dr. Phil" Guest Charged with Child Abuse after "Hot Sauce Video" Aired

Frame grab of Jessica Beagley on the "Dr. Phil" show in Nov. 2010 (Anchorage Daily News)

ANCHORAGE, Alaska (CBS/AP) An Alaska woman has been charged with child abuse after a video aired during her appearance on the "Dr.Phil" TV show included footage of her disciplining her 7-year-old son, by putting hot sauce in his mouth and forcing him into a cold shower.

The lawyer for 36-year-old Jessica Beagley says she's pleading not guilty. The municipal prosecutor says Beagley's methods were unreasonable.

"She has not done anything that would warrant a criminal charge for child abuse," said William Ingaldson, her attorney. "If this hadn't showed up on 'Dr. Phil,' there wouldn't be anybody saying anything about it."

Multiple sources reported to Anchorage police that they'd seen Beagley on the nationally televised show, according to the Anchorage Daily News. An Anchorage detective watched video showing Beagley yelling at the boy, putting Tapatio hot sauce in the boy's mouth, and forcing him, crying, into a cold shower, according to documents filed in court, the newspaper reported.

The Anchorage Daily News also reports that neither the 7-year-old boy nor five other children in the home have been removed by the Office of Children's Services. Beagley's husband, Gary, is a police officer.

A spokesman says he's not under investigation.

The case has attracted the attention of Russian media because the boy and his twin brother were adopted from Russia when they were 5 years old.