Dr. Drew's Alleged Stalker Arrested for Threats to Celebrity's Family

NEW YORK (CBS) The alleged stalker of reality TV star Dr. Drew Pinsky was arrested Wednesday for sending threatening messages to him and his family, reported TMZ.

Photo: Dr. Drew Pinsky

The star of "Celebrity Rehab with Dr. Drew" claims Charles Pearson has sent him threatening messages online, including one that said he would kill the doctor's children and make his wife eat them, said TMZ.

Dr. Drew says Pearson believes Drew put a tracking device in Pearson's genitals. The addiction doctor told TMZ this is a very serious matter and he hopes Pearson will get the treatment he "clearly needs."

The site reports that Pearson was arrested Wednesday at Pierce College in Woodland Hills, CA. He's charged with felony stalking and held on $150,000 bail.