Doug Reinhardt and Jasmine Waltz Spotted Together

Jasmine Waltz is rumored have started dating David Arquette when the "Scream" actor and his wife of 11 years, actress Courtney Cox, separated. <br><br> <a href="" class="linkIcon read"><b>Courtney Cox, David Arquette Separate</b></a>
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Jasmine Waltz (Personal Photo)

NEW YORK (CBS) David Arquette's "part-time" lover Jasmine Waltz met up with her ex Doug Reinhardt at his Hollywood home, gossip blogs report.

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The 28-year-old bartender - and the woman Arquette indirectly named as his paramour in the wake of his separation from  wife Courteney Cox - was spotted by paparazzi side-by-side with Doug Reinhardt, emerging from his home.

A report was accompanied by a photograph of the two together.

Besides the "Scream" actor, Waltz has been romantically linked to Ryan Seacrest, Jesse McCartney and Reinhardt, who also is Paris Hilton's ex.

Arquette told Howard Stern Tuesday he wasn't living with Waltz, "but I did have sex with her one time, maybe twice."