Donnie Wahlberg leaves whopping tip at N.C. Waffle House

Donnie Wahlberg with receipt with huge tip on it that he left in Waffle House in Charlotte, North Carolina on July 12, 2017

Donnie Wahlberg Facebook page

CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- Actor and New Kids on the Block singer Donnie Wahlberg recently left a whopping $2,000 tip after dining at a Waffle House in North Carolina.

CBS Charlotte affiliate WBTV says he ate at that city's Waffle House Wednesday evening, documenting his visit in a nearly 11-minute Facebook live video. He was in North Carolina for a New Kids on the Block concert Thursday night.

Wahlberg left a $2,000 tip for an $82.60 meal. He wrote in a Facebook post that both of his parents waited tables for years, "so when I walk into a #WaffleHouse, and the staff treats me like a king, you better believe I treat them like queens!"

He also gave an unsuspecting customer tickets and backstage passes for the concert, and all the Waffle House workers on duty that night tickets, notes WBTV.

For those wondering what the star ordered: steak, eggs, bacon and grits.