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Donald Trump raises $90 million in August

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Donald Trump raised about $90 million in August for his campaign and its joint fundraising efforts with the Republican party, the campaign said Thursday.

The campaign said funds “came mostly from small donors” but also includes a “significant contribution” from Trump himself. Trump to date has personally donated up to nearly $60 million dollars to the campaign.

A large chunk of Trump’s fundraising cash came during the final day of August, when Trump met with Mexican President Enrique Pena Nieto and later laid out his immigration policy in Arizona. According to the campaign, Trump raised more than $5 million.

Trump’s finance chairman touted the fundraising numbers in a statement Thursday.

“We have broad support from across America,” Steve Mnuchin said. “Hillary Clinton spent August attending 70 fundraisers; Donald Trump spent August at 34 rallies and speeches. We are very pleased he has continued to dedicate time to fundraise with the RNC to support important ground operations for the Republican Party.”

But the $90 million haul falls far short of what Trump’s rival, Hillary Clinton, drew in during the same time period, when she brought in about $143 million. That total includes $62 million specifically for Clinton’s campaign, along with $81 million for the Democratic National Committee and state parties.

The Trump statement did not provide an accounting of how much went to his presidential campaign versus his joint fundraising committees.

The latest numbers continue a months-long trend of Clinton outpacing Trump. In July, Trump raised nearly $80 million, while the Democratic nominee drew in around $90 million. Clinton has pumped that money into a large ground operation for the general election, bolstering her campaign with extensive television advertising crusades in battleground states. Trump’s first general election ads, meanwhile, began airing just a few weeks ago.

Trump’s campaign, along with its two joint fundraising committees, finished August with about $97 million cash on hand.

Clinton’s campaign began its September sprint to the general election with $68 million cash on hand. The Democratic party, via the Hillary Victory Fund and the Hillary Action fund, has an added $84 million on hand.