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Donald Trump makes debut at Disney's Hall of Presidents

Trump joins Hall of Presidents
Trump joins Hall of Presidents 00:55

ORLANDO, Fla. -- An animatronic figure of Donald Trump has joined Disney's Hall of Presidents in Florida.

CBS Miami reports that a robotic facsimile of the 45th president of the United States stood front and slightly off-center Monday for the soft reopening of the long-running Walt Disney World attraction.

The Trump figure moves his head during the traditional roll call of leaders, motions with his arms and gives a brief speech. A Disney spokeswoman says Mr. Trump recorded his Hall of Presidents script earlier this year. Every sitting president since Bill Clinton has had a speaking part.

The addition prompted a petition to circulate online calling for Mr. Trump to not have a speaking role in the park feature.  It got more than 15,000 signatures in support.

The Hall of Presidents debuted at the Magic Kingdom in 1971 and gets an update with each change in leadership. After closing in January, the theater received an upgrade in its sound, light and projection packages.

Disney said the official opening date was Tuesday.

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