"Doggie doors" tempting thieves in Colo., report says

(CBS) HIGHLANDS RANCH, Colo. - A number of homes in Douglas County, Colo. are being targeted by thieves because of their "doggie doors," reports CBS Denver.

The Douglas County Sheriff's office says that since Oct. 18 there have been six "dog door robberies" within a mile span, according to the station.

Greg Mueller, of Highlands Ranch, is a victim of one of these robberies and calls the thieves "pretty bold."

"You'd think with a doggie door there's a dog in the house, so you'd think it might deter them - but it didn't," Mueller, whose iPhone and cash were stolen while he and his wife slept, told the station.

Mueller locked every door in the house before going to bed, except for one.

"There's really no way to lock a plastic slab doggie door," said Mueller.

Ipads, cellphones and cash are among the items that have been stolen in the brazen robberies. All of the break-ins happened between 2 and 6 a.m., according to CBS Denver.

Deputy Chad Teller reportedly says there has been no description of the suspect, but the same person is believed to be responsible for all the crimes.

"It's going to be somebody small that's going through the pet doors, possibly a female," said Teller.

Teller said homeowners with dog doors should do all they can to prevent thieves from crawling in. They suggest putting something in front of it before going to sleep at night.