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Dog is afraid of magazine photo of Julia Roberts

(CBS) - First off, let me say that I've got nothing against Julia Roberts. She's a fine actress who has been in quite a few films I've really enjoyed. However, it seems one dog does not share my sentiment. In fact, he's downright scared of her. Watch and see.

The odd, but hilarious video was posted by YouTube user KkQq0187 who writes:

So we're sitting back watching TV when I see my dog flip out over something he saw on the pages of an open magazine....[lo] and behold....a picture of [Julia] Roberts scared [my] dog........this had me rolling I just had to grab the camera to share it with all my friends. haha!

With the exception of being a tad bit frightened myself by the topless man with a blanket on his lap, a funny video that had all of us here at The Feed rolling, too. Thanks for sharing with the world, KkQq0187!