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Does Oil Cap Mean Brighter Days for White House?

President Obama said that the containment cap in the Gulf has brought "good news" and should capture all the oil spewing into the Gulf, but he also exercised caution in any preemptive celebration, saying that "it's important we don't get ahead of ourselves here."

Mr. Obama may want to use that caution when it comes to breathing a sigh of relief after a tough week for the White House, starting with Press Secretary Robert Gibbs' comments that Republicans could gain control of the House in November and continuing with declining approval ratings. While the cap may be good news, as well as the passage of financial reform, it doesn't mean the American people are necessarily satisfied. Special Report: Disaster in the Gulf

On Friday's "Washington Unplugged," Reuters Washington Bureau Chief Simon Denyer spoke with CBS News Justice Correspondent Bob Orr about the cap's impact on the recently beleaguered administration and the upcoming midterms.

"Let's not forget, the economy is still the biggest issue when it comes to the elections," he said. "[Obama] now needs to really focus on what the American people want him to focus on and that's the economy."

CBS News senior national security analyst Juan Zarate also joined Orr on "Washington Unplugged" with his weekly international headlines series "Flash Points."

Just a few months after Mr. Obama hosted the nuclear terrorism summit in Washington, Zarate reported arrests were made in South Africa after the World Cup involving radiological material smuggling.

"The ring was trying to sell material and a larger device for purposes we don't know, but it was certainly signaling an organized effort to sell radiological material," Zarate said, adding that it could potentially be used to make an explosive device that could cause quite a bit of harm.

Watch Friday's "Washington Unplugged" above which includes both interviews.

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